So I recently had a run in with a railroad track. Yes, rider error again. My FELT DA4W has been in the shop for 4 weeks and now my Cannondale CAAD9 had to take a hit too. I don’t know if it was a sign or not but I obviously should have kept the training wheels on longer!



Anyway, I nailed the tracks and went right side first straight into the road. Yup, some pretty nasty road rash on my shoulder and back/right thigh etc. I rode 25 miles home after the wreck with some slight jitters. Needless to say my urgency for getting back to my house in record breaking speeds was to clean my wounds and get something on it to start the healing process. I’ve never had “road rash” so this was all new to me. Fortunately, a local bike guru suggested I use Tegaderm; I had never heard of it but I was willing to try anything.

So off I went to find the Tegaderm. Little did I know that this would prove to be quite an ordeal trying to find the patches. After 3 different stops to the local CVS, Giant and Target I finally hit the jackpot at Rite Aid! Yes, I was totally psyched for the mere fact that I finally found these magical patches/bandages.


About $10 per box and I was out of there with $30 bucks worth of patches. I went through 3 patches right off the bat. I was too amped to try them that I didn’t read the directions and all the Neosporin I had put on was causing the patches to fall off. The slightest bit of goop and those things won’t stay on; lesson number one was to shower and clean the wound before putting on the Tegaderm. I must say though, once I had showered and placed the patches on those suckers worked like magic. They are awesome!


I really like the fact that they are clear and easy to put on. The hold up nicely in the shower and when you sweat. They last for a few days as long as you aren’t soaking them in the bath or pool and are way better than just a band aid or gauze. I found that they worked perfectly when I would sleep because I couldn’t bear to wear a ton of clothes to bed especially a long sleeve top in order to protect my sheets from getting all messy every evening from the tossing and turning. I found only two issues with the patches.

First off they are hard as heck to find.

Secondly they are already cut at a certain size and I would have preferred to trim them to the size that I needed. I am fairly certain you can get them in sheets and then cut it to your own needs but I’m not planning on wrecking my bikes anytime soon so I figured I didn’t need to go out of my way to order the sheets etc.


In any event I do highly recommend these for any kind of burns, cuts, scabs etc. They work great and are totally worth the money. I will def. keep a box of these on me at all times even just for those random cuts and scrapes!

Elliptigo - a.k.a Grasshopper!

So I’ve been itching to try out the Elliptigo for quite some time now and I recently had the opportunity to test ride it. I was utterly fascinated by the look and feel of it. It’s quite the cross training tool and it definitely turns some heads.  I went to Bethesda and met with one of the mega endurance riders whom so graciously offered to let me take his “Elliptigo”; which I now nicknamed “Grasshopper” out for a spin. Yes, I said spin. It’s like a bike and elliptical all in one.

At first glance grasshopper was a little intimidating. I was completely unsure as to how I was going to get on this thing and actually get moving without falling flat on my face, before that though I needed to adjust some components to it…..drum roll……such as the handlebars!


The handlebars conveniently move up and down and can be adjusted for the vertically challenged like myself. This is a huge plus because practically anyone in your family can use it then vs. the traditional road bike that is framed out based on your own personal measurements. The brakes and gears are set up just like most bikes so it’s very easy to get used to and adjust.  The foot pads can be adjusted to shorten or lengthen your stride which is also very convenient especially if you are using grasshopper as a physical therapy training aid and you want to limit your stride length. It appears that there is very little maintenance required; basically the same exact maintenance schedule you would adhere to with a regular bike. A little bit of oil here and there, pump the tires and off you go! So, as such, grasshopper was greased and ready to roll so off we went!


My initial thoughts when I took off were “dear god I look like a fool and thank goodness I didn’t just wreck and fall on my face”.  Those thoughts lasted about a whole 30 seconds because I soon realized how awesome this piece of equipment was. I was shocked and amazed at how smooth the ride was. I could feel my legs on fire within minutes. I knew for sure this was going to be a butt busting workout. It didn’t take too long to feel comfortable riding it and I soon found my groove. I just let the legs do the work and zipped around the streets having a blast, it was exhilarating. It was definitely not what I had imagined at all and I could totally see how the sports and fitness enthusiast could gain some valuable cross training from it. I was talking about it with a friend right after I did the test ride and I was trying to explain how it worked. Basically it’s a bike without a seat with an elliptical stride.


Ok, so I’m not so good at explaining it but it’s so worth a test ride. What’s really cool is that like a bike trainer, grasshopper can be placed on a trainer as well and used indoors so there’s no real excuse for not getting a good workout in! Many elite and professional athletes have turned to grasshopper for their training needs especially when recovering from injuries. If you haven’t done so already you have got to take a test ride.

Dean the machine with his Elliptigo!


You can go to Elliptigo’s website and request a ride from there at http://www.elliptigo.com/


Give it a shot and see what you think. It can’t hurt…..well your butt and hamstrings will hurt but that’s a good thing right? Go get after it and don’t forget your helmet!



Yippee Skippy!!!!! Yup, I finally broke down and bought the bike! I got my FELT and I can’t tell you how excited I am to ride her. She’s still without a name but I’m hopeful we will nail something down in a week or so. I tried a few other manufacturers out but just FELT awesome on this one, it fit perfect and I literally FELT like I could ride for hours.


So I bought the TT FELT DA4W in size 51. I’m short what can I say. Besides looking totally awesome she is an amazing ride. I haven’t had a chance to ride her outside because I’m not one for the cold and my nose is like a faucet right now but she will be getting some mad love come March when I head to Florida for a week.



Unfortunately my bank account didn’t appear to be as happy as I was when I bought her; I say give it a few weeks and things will be better! Other than the bike news not much has been going on except trying to train and base build again while staying healthy and injury free. I’m still feeling knee pain but not nearly as bad as it was thanks to Immunocal Platinum. I’m sucking down my normal 2 packets a day with juice and I make sure never to skip out on my dose of goodness. I had a few good training sessions this week and my physical state is catching up to the mental state finally.


Here’s hoping for another week of success – train smart!

Getting strong!

Yup, that't right, I am getting there FINALLY! Wahoooo! So I started taking my Immunocal Platinum about a month ago again and I've been doing it religiously like I should have been. Wow, what a difference! I really feel like I've made some huge gains over the past month especially since it was post surgery! My body feels so much stronger and leaner already and I really think there's some major potential if I stick with it. I really think I could surprise myself in the end of summer/early fall races. I am so ready mentally and yet still again physically a bit behind. In time it will come.


I've been riding my trainer at home a lot thanks to Kurt Kinetic and the awesome Rock and Roll trainer! My legs feel like a million bucks when I'm riding and I can only hope that the energy and strength will transfer to my running eventually! I've been hitting the pool a lot again as well and I've finally figured it out! Weird I know but something just clicked this weekend and I was able to figure my breathing issues out, or so I think, lol! I can't wait to race!


I am getting my TT bike this weekend! I'm nervous and anxious and SUPER EXCITED! She's a total beast; the bike that is. Actually I am still trying to sort out her name. Tough decision I know. Maybe I should make this one the boy bike? Humph, too many decisions. If you have any cool ideas for a new bike name holler! S/he is mainly all black with a little splash of color!


Next time I post I'll be sporting my new bike!


Happy Training.


I LOVE a good fortune!

Here you go.............a few weeks ago I had chinese food and of course I saved the fortune because I'm a believer and whelp, I'm hoping it really means something!


See for yourself...................here's hoping those plans work!





Ouch - I totally need to hit the bike more often!

So I rode this morning with some BEASTS; by that I mean some killer bike riders who can really max out their power and output. Lucas McCollum and George Corbi are pictured here with me - thanks to speed demon Jim Weinstein for snapping the shots!

This was the start - of course, I'm smiling!


Needless to say, my rear hurts and my ego! Ha, ok so I need to hit the bike more and the roads as well. It was a great ride though this morning. So much easier riding with a group of people vs. staring at the t.v on your own. I love being able to feed off of such amazing athletes!


After the ride I hit up 368 Athletics for some mobility and stabalization work; my rear really hurts now! I had planned on hitting the pool but opted for Starbucks after the butt busting workout I had. Yes I know, I was slacking this morning.


Before heading home I took a quick detour to Bike Doctor of Frederick to test out a few of the bikes I had been eyeing up. I guess you'll just have to wait and see what I end up getting in a few weeks! If you haven't hit your workout for the day it's still not too late.


Get after it!

WOW!!!! Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer is out of this WORLD!

Wow! I can't tell you enough how impressed I am with this trainer. I've used it once thus far and I can hardly believe how ridiculously awesome it is! Yes, I feel like a kid at Christmas time but I was completely AMAZED at how cool this trainer is! It's so much fun; seriously.....I can actually say that I had LOTS of FUN riding my bike on the trainer yesterday!


I'll be writing more about the trainer as I try it out over the next few weeks but for now I'm sold on it totally and it's so worth the money. I have the Road Machine which is also a really nice model of the Kurt Kinetic Trainers but the Rock and Roll is money ! I'm working a 3 hour ride in the morning hopefully if the leg holds up and we'll be on the KK R&R for sure!

Nervous and Anxious!

Ok so let's face it..............I'm 5 months down basically from running. I haven't run a single step and I'm nervous as hell to try. The knee still hurts, foot and ankle still aren't where they should be but I'm hoping that maybe if I start a slow comeback and continue with my PT and strength training that things will come around. Who knows.....maybe a slow run here and there will help get all the kinks out and fix all my issues? Ok wishful thinking but hey, it's worth a shot at this point!

On the bright side, tomorrow is going to be an amazing day! 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials!!!!! I can hardly contain myself. I'm a huge Desi fan. I can't wait to see what time she knocks out tomorrow! Here's hoping that all of the athletes racing this weekend have a truly memorable experience regardless of outcome!

Eggs - Does a body good!

Ok so I'm an egghead! What can I say? I LOVE LOVE LOVE eggs! They are so awesome. I always get so excited in the morning knowing I can sink my teeth into some delicious eggs. It's funny because when I was little I HATED them. I would NEVER eat them at all and now that's what I love, it's part of my daily diet! Eggs have so much nutritional value it's insane. BUT.......like everything else you can over do it. It's a shame that so many people don't take them time to sit down and enjoy breakfast. We are so busy with our lives we sometimes need to take a step back and relax, enjoy the little things, you know like EGGS! I'm always crazy busy but I totally love having poached eggs in the morning on a piece of toast. I'm not going to lie; I really enjoy country white bread vs. the healthy brown whole grain wheat blah-de-blahs. So anyway I was in search of something that would make my life easier when it comes to poached eggs and toast. WAH-LA! There is this toaster that allows you to cook your eggs, bacon and toast all at the same time. Yes, that's right, it's like super-toaster!


If you are interested in checking them out here's a link.


Trust me you won't be disappointed. It truly is awesome and saves time.


It's called the "Back to Basics Egg and Muffin Toaster".


Injuries and Setbacks!

Yes, believe it or not...........I am still injured! It's been 12 months since I had the onset of my left knee pain. People always ask me what's wrong or what happened and I can't even respond because I really just don't know! Our bodies are complex...........needless to say I am just complex period! My knee hurts why? Well good question. I am still trying to figure out why! Is it the foot/ankle? Is there a nerve pinched or cut off? Do I have really weak quad muscles?


The hardest part about being injured is not knowing what's wrong exactly. My knee is the reason why I stopped running but the cause of the knee pain is beyond me. You would think after running 60-70 miles weeks and completely stopping for 4 months that something would give right? Well unfortunately like I said our bodies are complex and our mechanics are of huge importance when it comes down to walking and running.


I've seen multiple doctors, had 3 separate MRI's of the knee/back/foot and ankle and yet the pain persists. Yes of course there were findings with all of the MRI's but they were all incidental. A subtle tear of the meniscus which quite frankly I didn't even feel and is on the complete opposite side of where my knee pain is. There is a lot going on and so many factors it's hard to really determine what's "causing" the pain and what's "causing" it to continue to be a problem! It's frustrating of course as is any injury.


I'm so mentally ready and yet not physically there yet. It's a battle that I know down the road will make me stronger. The hardest part is just getting through it and keeping the faith. I'll be heading to another Dr. at the end of the month for an evaluation of my foot/ankle to see what's going on with my biomechanics. Let's hope some more answers can come of this appointment!


Best wishes and most importantly train smart!


2012 Is Upon Us!

So here we are just shy of reaching 2012! I can't believe it's been another year already. Time flies when you are having fun! I'd have to say this year has been quite a hectic one, many challenges mainly relating to injuries. I have been injured in the past but never quite like this! It's now consumed me completely and I can only hope that 2012 brings renewed health!

Here's wishing each and every one of you a healthy, happy and joyous 2012!

Best wishes and Happy Training!



H2 a.k.a Hannah Hanson!

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