Elliptigo - a.k.a Grasshopper!

So I’ve been itching to try out the Elliptigo for quite some time now and I recently had the opportunity to test ride it. I was utterly fascinated by the look and feel of it. It’s quite the cross training tool and it definitely turns some heads.  I went to Bethesda and met with one of the mega endurance riders whom so graciously offered to let me take his “Elliptigo”; which I now nicknamed “Grasshopper” out for a spin. Yes, I said spin. It’s like a bike and elliptical all in one.

At first glance grasshopper was a little intimidating. I was completely unsure as to how I was going to get on this thing and actually get moving without falling flat on my face, before that though I needed to adjust some components to it…..drum roll……such as the handlebars!


The handlebars conveniently move up and down and can be adjusted for the vertically challenged like myself. This is a huge plus because practically anyone in your family can use it then vs. the traditional road bike that is framed out based on your own personal measurements. The brakes and gears are set up just like most bikes so it’s very easy to get used to and adjust.  The foot pads can be adjusted to shorten or lengthen your stride which is also very convenient especially if you are using grasshopper as a physical therapy training aid and you want to limit your stride length. It appears that there is very little maintenance required; basically the same exact maintenance schedule you would adhere to with a regular bike. A little bit of oil here and there, pump the tires and off you go! So, as such, grasshopper was greased and ready to roll so off we went!


My initial thoughts when I took off were “dear god I look like a fool and thank goodness I didn’t just wreck and fall on my face”.  Those thoughts lasted about a whole 30 seconds because I soon realized how awesome this piece of equipment was. I was shocked and amazed at how smooth the ride was. I could feel my legs on fire within minutes. I knew for sure this was going to be a butt busting workout. It didn’t take too long to feel comfortable riding it and I soon found my groove. I just let the legs do the work and zipped around the streets having a blast, it was exhilarating. It was definitely not what I had imagined at all and I could totally see how the sports and fitness enthusiast could gain some valuable cross training from it. I was talking about it with a friend right after I did the test ride and I was trying to explain how it worked. Basically it’s a bike without a seat with an elliptical stride.


Ok, so I’m not so good at explaining it but it’s so worth a test ride. What’s really cool is that like a bike trainer, grasshopper can be placed on a trainer as well and used indoors so there’s no real excuse for not getting a good workout in! Many elite and professional athletes have turned to grasshopper for their training needs especially when recovering from injuries. If you haven’t done so already you have got to take a test ride.

Dean the machine with his Elliptigo!


You can go to Elliptigo’s website and request a ride from there at http://www.elliptigo.com/


Give it a shot and see what you think. It can’t hurt…..well your butt and hamstrings will hurt but that’s a good thing right? Go get after it and don’t forget your helmet!


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