Getting strong!

Yup, that't right, I am getting there FINALLY! Wahoooo! So I started taking my Immunocal Platinum about a month ago again and I've been doing it religiously like I should have been. Wow, what a difference! I really feel like I've made some huge gains over the past month especially since it was post surgery! My body feels so much stronger and leaner already and I really think there's some major potential if I stick with it. I really think I could surprise myself in the end of summer/early fall races. I am so ready mentally and yet still again physically a bit behind. In time it will come.


I've been riding my trainer at home a lot thanks to Kurt Kinetic and the awesome Rock and Roll trainer! My legs feel like a million bucks when I'm riding and I can only hope that the energy and strength will transfer to my running eventually! I've been hitting the pool a lot again as well and I've finally figured it out! Weird I know but something just clicked this weekend and I was able to figure my breathing issues out, or so I think, lol! I can't wait to race!


I am getting my TT bike this weekend! I'm nervous and anxious and SUPER EXCITED! She's a total beast; the bike that is. Actually I am still trying to sort out her name. Tough decision I know. Maybe I should make this one the boy bike? Humph, too many decisions. If you have any cool ideas for a new bike name holler! S/he is mainly all black with a little splash of color!


Next time I post I'll be sporting my new bike!


Happy Training.


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