Yippee Skippy!!!!! Yup, I finally broke down and bought the bike! I got my FELT and I can’t tell you how excited I am to ride her. She’s still without a name but I’m hopeful we will nail something down in a week or so. I tried a few other manufacturers out but just FELT awesome on this one, it fit perfect and I literally FELT like I could ride for hours.


So I bought the TT FELT DA4W in size 51. I’m short what can I say. Besides looking totally awesome she is an amazing ride. I haven’t had a chance to ride her outside because I’m not one for the cold and my nose is like a faucet right now but she will be getting some mad love come March when I head to Florida for a week.



Unfortunately my bank account didn’t appear to be as happy as I was when I bought her; I say give it a few weeks and things will be better! Other than the bike news not much has been going on except trying to train and base build again while staying healthy and injury free. I’m still feeling knee pain but not nearly as bad as it was thanks to Immunocal Platinum. I’m sucking down my normal 2 packets a day with juice and I make sure never to skip out on my dose of goodness. I had a few good training sessions this week and my physical state is catching up to the mental state finally.


Here’s hoping for another week of success – train smart!

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