Injuries and Setbacks!

Yes, believe it or not...........I am still injured! It's been 12 months since I had the onset of my left knee pain. People always ask me what's wrong or what happened and I can't even respond because I really just don't know! Our bodies are complex...........needless to say I am just complex period! My knee hurts why? Well good question. I am still trying to figure out why! Is it the foot/ankle? Is there a nerve pinched or cut off? Do I have really weak quad muscles?


The hardest part about being injured is not knowing what's wrong exactly. My knee is the reason why I stopped running but the cause of the knee pain is beyond me. You would think after running 60-70 miles weeks and completely stopping for 4 months that something would give right? Well unfortunately like I said our bodies are complex and our mechanics are of huge importance when it comes down to walking and running.


I've seen multiple doctors, had 3 separate MRI's of the knee/back/foot and ankle and yet the pain persists. Yes of course there were findings with all of the MRI's but they were all incidental. A subtle tear of the meniscus which quite frankly I didn't even feel and is on the complete opposite side of where my knee pain is. There is a lot going on and so many factors it's hard to really determine what's "causing" the pain and what's "causing" it to continue to be a problem! It's frustrating of course as is any injury.


I'm so mentally ready and yet not physically there yet. It's a battle that I know down the road will make me stronger. The hardest part is just getting through it and keeping the faith. I'll be heading to another Dr. at the end of the month for an evaluation of my foot/ankle to see what's going on with my biomechanics. Let's hope some more answers can come of this appointment!


Best wishes and most importantly train smart!


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