Nervous and Anxious!

Ok so let's face it..............I'm 5 months down basically from running. I haven't run a single step and I'm nervous as hell to try. The knee still hurts, foot and ankle still aren't where they should be but I'm hoping that maybe if I start a slow comeback and continue with my PT and strength training that things will come around. Who knows.....maybe a slow run here and there will help get all the kinks out and fix all my issues? Ok wishful thinking but hey, it's worth a shot at this point!

On the bright side, tomorrow is going to be an amazing day! 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials!!!!! I can hardly contain myself. I'm a huge Desi fan. I can't wait to see what time she knocks out tomorrow! Here's hoping that all of the athletes racing this weekend have a truly memorable experience regardless of outcome!

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