Ouch - I totally need to hit the bike more often!

So I rode this morning with some BEASTS; by that I mean some killer bike riders who can really max out their power and output. Lucas McCollum and George Corbi are pictured here with me - thanks to speed demon Jim Weinstein for snapping the shots!

This was the start - of course, I'm smiling!


Needless to say, my rear hurts and my ego! Ha, ok so I need to hit the bike more and the roads as well. It was a great ride though this morning. So much easier riding with a group of people vs. staring at the t.v on your own. I love being able to feed off of such amazing athletes!


After the ride I hit up 368 Athletics for some mobility and stabalization work; my rear really hurts now! I had planned on hitting the pool but opted for Starbucks after the butt busting workout I had. Yes I know, I was slacking this morning.


Before heading home I took a quick detour to Bike Doctor of Frederick to test out a few of the bikes I had been eyeing up. I guess you'll just have to wait and see what I end up getting in a few weeks! If you haven't hit your workout for the day it's still not too late.


Get after it!

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