So I recently had a run in with a railroad track. Yes, rider error again. My FELT DA4W has been in the shop for 4 weeks and now my Cannondale CAAD9 had to take a hit too. I don’t know if it was a sign or not but I obviously should have kept the training wheels on longer!



Anyway, I nailed the tracks and went right side first straight into the road. Yup, some pretty nasty road rash on my shoulder and back/right thigh etc. I rode 25 miles home after the wreck with some slight jitters. Needless to say my urgency for getting back to my house in record breaking speeds was to clean my wounds and get something on it to start the healing process. I’ve never had “road rash” so this was all new to me. Fortunately, a local bike guru suggested I use Tegaderm; I had never heard of it but I was willing to try anything.

So off I went to find the Tegaderm. Little did I know that this would prove to be quite an ordeal trying to find the patches. After 3 different stops to the local CVS, Giant and Target I finally hit the jackpot at Rite Aid! Yes, I was totally psyched for the mere fact that I finally found these magical patches/bandages.


About $10 per box and I was out of there with $30 bucks worth of patches. I went through 3 patches right off the bat. I was too amped to try them that I didn’t read the directions and all the Neosporin I had put on was causing the patches to fall off. The slightest bit of goop and those things won’t stay on; lesson number one was to shower and clean the wound before putting on the Tegaderm. I must say though, once I had showered and placed the patches on those suckers worked like magic. They are awesome!


I really like the fact that they are clear and easy to put on. The hold up nicely in the shower and when you sweat. They last for a few days as long as you aren’t soaking them in the bath or pool and are way better than just a band aid or gauze. I found that they worked perfectly when I would sleep because I couldn’t bear to wear a ton of clothes to bed especially a long sleeve top in order to protect my sheets from getting all messy every evening from the tossing and turning. I found only two issues with the patches.

First off they are hard as heck to find.

Secondly they are already cut at a certain size and I would have preferred to trim them to the size that I needed. I am fairly certain you can get them in sheets and then cut it to your own needs but I’m not planning on wrecking my bikes anytime soon so I figured I didn’t need to go out of my way to order the sheets etc.


In any event I do highly recommend these for any kind of burns, cuts, scabs etc. They work great and are totally worth the money. I will def. keep a box of these on me at all times even just for those random cuts and scrapes!

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