WOW!!!! Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer is out of this WORLD!

Wow! I can't tell you enough how impressed I am with this trainer. I've used it once thus far and I can hardly believe how ridiculously awesome it is! Yes, I feel like a kid at Christmas time but I was completely AMAZED at how cool this trainer is! It's so much fun; seriously.....I can actually say that I had LOTS of FUN riding my bike on the trainer yesterday!


I'll be writing more about the trainer as I try it out over the next few weeks but for now I'm sold on it totally and it's so worth the money. I have the Road Machine which is also a really nice model of the Kurt Kinetic Trainers but the Rock and Roll is money ! I'm working a 3 hour ride in the morning hopefully if the leg holds up and we'll be on the KK R&R for sure!

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